Candy Apples & Caramel Apples have been fair and festival favorites for many years - fun to make and even more fun to eat! They combine the wholesome qualities of fresh fruit with the decadence of sweet confection. Jarco offers Gold Medal's candy and caramel apple fun food equipment perfect for fairs, carnivals, apple farms, apple festivals, school events, fundraisers, gourmet stores, candy stores and much more. Candy and caramel apples can be part of your roadmap to fun food profits and offer an 80% or higher profit margin.

Candy Apples

Candy Apples, with their sweet, hard candy coating are also fat free, thus adding to their appeal as a guiltless treat.

Caramel Apples

We are committed to providing you and your customers with a quality product. We are working very closely with the caramel industry to assure they continue to will produce a consistent, user-friendly product that tastes great, works well and stays on the apples!

How to make caramel apples using the Twin Caramel Dip Warmer and Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip:

To begin, you will need dry, room temperature apples - thick skinned apples like Granny Smith and the Empire varieties are recommended. Place opened cans of Midway's Finest Camel Apple Dip into the Twin Caramel Dip Warmer. Fill warmers with water, to within 2 inches of the top of can.

Place the Quicker Dipper (optional accessory that will reduce melting time from 3-1/2 hours to one hour) in one of the cans. Heat to 175 degrees. The best temperature for dipping is 170-175 degrees - at 180 degrees the caramel begins to darken.

Once caramel has melted remove the quick dipper and place into the other can. Skewer apples and dip into caramel, allowing a small opening around the skewer to allow the apple to "breathe" for a longer shelf life.

Pull apple out and spin to remove excess caramel. Scrape off (almost to apple skin) bottom 1/3 of caramel from apple - warm melting caramel will fill this in. (Dip apples in chopped nuts, sprinkles, candies, etc. if desired). Place on wax paper and allow time to cool.

Caramel Apple Dip
Apple Dip Block
Quick Serve Caramel
Midway's Finest Caramel Apple Dip Mom's Home Style Caramel Apple Dip Block Quick Serve World's Greatest Caramel

TIP - Continuously stir caramel to remove air bubbles.

Candy Apples

Apples: Use any un-waxed apple. Thick skin apples like Granny Smiths work the best.

  • Dip at room temperature
  • Dry apples
  • 2-3 day shelf life


#4144 Appl-EZ-Cherry

Anyone can make delicious candy apples with Appl-Ez - without the risk of recrystallization. Easy to use, just open the bag, add 5 lbs. of sugar and 16oz of water – cook to between 290ºF and 300º F, and you are ready to dip. No messy glucose to measure, no heavy glucose buckets to lug around – you do not need them when you switch to Appl-Ez. Parve - Kasruth Certificate available upon request.

  • Each bag yields approx. (80) 2" apples
  • Each case yields approx. (1200) 2" apples

Cook between 290ºF and 300ºF to hard ball stage. Drop a small amount into a cup of cool water. It should drop to the bottom and form a hard ball.

#4175 Apple Set 1 lb. jar

Apple set is a must for scratch apple recipes. Provides color, flavor and setting agent. Do not use with Appl-EZ.

#4135 Red Hot Apple Flavor

This is a cinnamon flavor you add for hotter taste.


#4008 Reddy Apple Cooker
Completes a 56 oz. Batch of Reddy Apple Mix in 22 minutes (40-60 apples).

#4016 Double Batch Reddy Apple Cooker
Completes a 112 oz. Batch of Reddy Apple Mix in 22 minutes (80-120 apples). This unit is the same size as the #4008 Reddy Apple Cooker, but with a higher Wattage heating element (1800 Watts) ideal for doing a double batch or 112 oz. batch of Reddy Apple mix in 20 to 22 minutes. Our recommended batch apple cooker.

Candy Apple Stove and Kettle

  • #4110BG Bottled Gas Candy Apple Stove
  • #4001 208V Electric Candy Apple Stove
  • #4002 240V Electric Candy Apple Stove
    (Copper or Aluminum Kettle Available)

Note: Aluminum kettles will cook a 10 lb batch in half the time of copper.

Miscellaneous Equipment

  • #2046 Universal Display Case
  • #4138 Small Aluminum Pan
  • #4300 Dial Type Thermometer (Goes to 400ºF)
  • #4006 Apple Settersticker
  • #4984 Lighted Candy Apple Sign

Caramel Apple Chips

Continue building your profit foundation here - Adults do not have a tendency to buy caramel apples - but they do go for the caramel apple chips in a big way!

Use the wholesome, healthy appeal of apples to create an exciting new snack...Caramel Apple Chips! First, place your whole apple in the Apple Hacker. Lower the level and watch the razor-sharp blades create eight perfectly sliced wedges and strip away the core without so much as a trace of an apple seed. Arrange the wedges in a Styrofoam bowl and top with melted caramel. Add a fork and you're ready to serve.


  • #4180 Apple Hacker
    Standard Apple Hacker with 2 handles. Lower the lever and watch the razor-sharp blades create 8 perfectly sliced wedges and strip away the core without so much as a trace of an apple seed. For an easier, more convenient model select item #4185 with pull down handle.
  • #4185 Deluxe Apple Hacker
    Deluxe Apple Hacker constructed of cast aluminum with stainless steel moving parts. For those very busy locations, the Deluxe Apple Hacker is ideal. The Deluxe Apple
    Hacker is designed to reduce operator stress and fatigue. Any operator – regardless of size or stature – will find the machine very easy to use. Our recommended apple hacker.
  • #4211 Twin Caramel Dip Warmer
    Open tub and place in warmer. Have one melting, the other ready to dip. This Deluxe Water Bath Warmer is a necessity to avoid burning any of the Caramel Dip or Caramel Toppings. They contain cream and would burn if placed in anything other than this "double-boiler" cooker. Cooks caramel apples at the recommended temperature.


  • #4225 World's Greatest Quick serve Caramel 6, #10 cans (8 lb. Net)
  • #4184 Heavyweight Plastic Forks (1,000 per case)
  • #4128 Granulated Peanuts (25 lbs.)

Other caramel and candy apple supplies:

Caramel Apple Dip Block - also known as a caramel loaf. Soften in a microwave slightly and then melt in a caramel dip warmer. Refrigeration is not needed. Shelf life is about 1 year.

Printed Caramel Apple Bags - poly construction with a satchel bottom. Sold 1,000 per case. Cello apple wraps are also available in 10"x10" and 12"x12" sizes. We also offer red & white striped 4" twist ties for the cello apple wraps.

Candy Apple Bubble Trays - folds around apple and sold 2,000 per case. This is a nice way to dress up your apples. A lot of people use them because they help improve apple sales!

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