Caramel Corn

The tempting aroma of fresh Caramel Corn draws customers in and the 78 to 82 percent (or more) of profits makes it a wise investment. It is not difficult to get into Caramel Corn sales, especially if you already have a popcorn popper. Today there are thousands of caramel popcorn businesses. They have proven Caramel Corn is a popular item that can be sold at top prices--anywhere from $.75 to $1.00 per ounce with food costs ranging from $.11 to $.13 per ounce. Does Caramel Corn belong in every concession stand? If you operate 90-100 days a year and have more than a couple thousand people on may days, then huge caramel popcorn profits are definitely within your reach. Caramel corn is a fun food that has a sales success based mainly on the availability of a freshly made, high quality product and your promotions.

The right location is vital for successful over-the-counter sales. Determining the best, strategic place to sell the Caramel Corn is only the first step. Once you have the ideal spot, your display and signage will help attract atten- tion and make the sale. The client base for Caramel Corn tends to be more upscale customers, due to its higher perceived value than traditional popcorn. They are willing to spend the extra money for a better” product, yet your food costs in- crease only by a matter of cents. Look around at the other shops in the area and see if they mirror the type of clients you would like to attract.

Another important consideration is the amount of traffic during key hours. Your location and client base will determine your busiest times. Typically, though, you will sell the largest volume of Caramel Corn during peak snack times--between lunch and dinner, and after dinner. While promotions may also drive customers in at particular times, surrounding businesses can likewise steer more impulse-buy customers to your store.

Making caramel popcorn is easy with Gold Medal Corn Treat Caramel Corn Centers. These units do all the cooking and let you know when the batch is finished-and they do all the mixing automatically. All you do is load the kettle with the ingredients and pop the corn. After the kettle is dumped, spread the caramel corn around to cool. Whether you are searching for a new site or are looking to expand an existing business, making Caramel Corn is very easy and can be done in a variety of location sizes. The assortment of machine sizes range from the 2½-gallon Karamel Baby for smaller needs to the large 20-gallon Karamel King. Caramel corn is a two step process which requires a popcorn machine and a corn treat cooker/mixer. We offer electric versions of our caramel corn cookers and gas or electric caramel corn stoves. We also have caramel corn concentrated mixes, bags, carts and cooling rack trucks and pans.

Many people wonder if it necessary to have a caramel popcorn recipe to get started. Gold Medal's totally dependable, easy to use Portion Pack mixes and Flavor mixes are really all you need. The end product is uniformly high quality and the consistency is perfect. Since it is so easy to use, all of your personnel can make it. You may want to customize your product with add-ins such as nuts, toffee, raisins, coconut or dried fruit. You can also mix caramel corn with cheese corn, or drizzle it with chocolate to create your own signature blend.

Draw further attention to your sales by placing the product and signs in the window. Visual triggers will encourage impulse buys.

Caramel corn equipment

The minimum equipment requirement would be a popcorn popper, a corn treat cooker/mixer unit, plus a cooling area and if room allows - a place to display some of the flavors. You should also have a good quality candy scale so you can accurately weigh the servings. With this minimal setup, you may also want some form of cold beverage and, it is not a bad idea put in a cotton candy machine - and then offer take home servings in a variety of colors and flavors. Cotton candy is an excellent high profit take-home snack, which isn't available in very many places and therefore can be a traffic builder for your location.

Your Caramel Corn machine can also make numerous flavor variations. Expand your selections with Cheese, White Cheddar or Glazed Corn. There are also 16 Savory Shakes flavors that zing to any plain corn. Try Pizza, Salsa, Salt & Vinegar, Jalapeno and more. Simply buy the additional supplies and store them when not in demand. Create themed mixes for holidays, like Spooky Fruit for Halloween or Hearts on Fire (Cinnamon) for Valentine’s Day.

Cooker / Mixer Popping Plant Twin Popping Plant
A more elaborate caramel corn operation would consist of a large popping plant (or two) and at least two or more corn treat cookers/mixers - plus a Citation popper or popcorn warmer on the counter. The citation is a particularly appropriate warmer because it looks just like a popcorn machine and with the aroma of freshly popped popcorn, you will sell more product. With this high capacity operation you will need a number of display bins in which to store and merchandise your products.

Easy steps to perfect caramel corn:
  1. Pop 5 gallons of corn in a popcorn machine.
  2. Load a 22 oz. pouch of concentrated mix into the Corn Treat Machine, plus four cups of regular sugar.
  3. Add four ounces of shortening (popping oil for example) plus one cup of water. Turn on heat switch and put on the lid.
  4. When the steam comes out, remove the lid.
  5. When the buzzer sounds, add at least one stick of butter, plus a 5-gallon measure of popcorn.
  6. Turn heat off and motor on. Add 10 squirts of Free 'N Easy as the corn mixes. Slightly tilt up the kettle and add 10 more squirts-when it looks evenly coated, empty the candy corn into the cooling pan and repeat the cooking process. Separate Caramel Corn. Do not pack corn while it is still hot.

Why buy a Gold Medal caramel corn cooker/mixer?

Making Caramel Corn is easy with Gold Medal products. The units automatically cook, mix and let you know when the batch is finished. All you do is load the kettle with the ingredients and pre-popped popcorn. After the kettle is dumped, spread the Caramel Corn around to cool on Gold Medal’s rapid cooling systems for its 2-½, 5, 10 and 20-lb. mixers. The dependable design doesn't require the use of a backup machine. The economical design has very little or no breakage of coated product and if used properly will never burn you a batch. The easiest to clean machine on the market - you can "steam n' clean" between flavor changes to eliminate flavor contamination on the next batch. Available in multiple sizes and can work with your "old family recipe" as well as our pre-mixed concentrates.

Oil popped caramel corn versus dry popped caramel corn:

Most people feel that corn popped in oil (wet popped) will pop out bigger! If you coat (caramelize of glaze) within 2 to 3 hours, the popping oil coating is on the surface of the corn - thus giving more spread to the coating. The finished product looks better and you get a larger volume per pound. Just remember that oil poppers with a capacity for high volume were introduced after World War II and that is the only reasons why all the old timers dry popped - they had no choice. If you are looking for a healthy alternative to traditional popcorn - there are healthier oil choices available as well.

Fresh-made versus pre-made?

Don't even consider the question - if it is not fresh, you are missing out on a gold mine. The corn treat concept makes it easy to produce perfect caramel corn all the time.

Two in One - Corn Treater and Pralinator

The best of both worlds - Frosted nuts and Caramel Corn in one machine. The Gold Medal Combo Kandy King is the ONLY machine currently available that allows you to make perfect caramel corn or frosted nuts batch after batch. Fresh roasted nuts can sell anywhere the smell will draw attention. Mix your fresh roasted nuts with your fresh coated popcorn for a treat that will keep your customers coming back for more!

TIP - all nuts cook differently. Depending on the moisture content and size of the nuts, preparation times may vary. Nuts will also continue to cook as they cool in the holding pan. Trial and error will make this a very easy process.

Cheese Coated Popcorn

On our website and in our catalog you will see information on the Cheddar Easy concept - Gold Medal's Cheddar and White Cheddar is packaged in 30 pound pails. Simply melt a little and add a two cup measure to five gallons of popped popcorn - and then tumble in the Cheddar Easy Mixer. It will be the best tasting cheese coated popcorn you have ever tasted.

Today, more and more locations are discovering that Cheddar Easy is also one third of serving a "three way" - that's about third regular popcorn, one third caramel corn and one third cheese corn.

Savory Popcorn Flavors

Looking for a way to spice up your popcorn? Sprinkle on some Savory popcorn seasoning for a gourmet taste, extra profits and added flavor. Sour Cream & Chives, Hot Jalapeno, Ranch, White Cheddar Cheese, Cajun and Bacon & Cheese are some of the exciting flavors that we offer. Available in 4 pound jars or 25 pound bulk packages.

Candy Glazed Popcorn

Use these flavored mixes with our Basic Corn Treat Concentrate for candy-coated popcorn. Some of our most popular flavors include Banana, Red Cinnamon, Toffee, Pina-Colada, Blue Raspberry and Green Apple. This product can also be used on our Bacon Puffs (also know as cracklins or pork rinds).

Caramel Glaze Pop

Ideal for producing sweet Caramel Corn directly in your popcorn kettle. Glaze Pop is a flavored sugar that makes "sweet" popcorn instead of salted popcorn. Glaze Pop is very easy to make, it DOES NOT require a special popcorn popper, it tastes great and it is a high profit item. Just add one part of Glaze Pop to two parts of popcorn. (For example a 6 ounce kettle would use 3 ounces of Glaze Pop). This is a one step process which is easier and faster than traditional caramel corn, which is a two step process and will have about three times as much coating.

Here's how simple it is to make Glaze Pop: Put oil in your popper and make sure it is fully melted. Add the corn, and then the Glaze Pop. It is best to add Glaze Pop Slowly, so the agitator can mix it - avoid putting a whole bug clump right around the agitator shaft. Let the corn pop. When finished popping, dump it promptly to avoid burning. Do not use popcorn salt or Flavorcal when popping with Glaze Pop.

Caramel Glaze-Pop is by far our most popular flavor but other Glaze Pop flavors are available - Cherry Pink, Frosted (for open kettle corn), Chocolate, Grape and many more.

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